I am a freelance video editor and photographer based in Manila, Philippines. I currently do t-shirt and product design for We Heart Prints. This is a blog containing all sorts of random things I do, or am interested in. Like music, photography, fashion, and design.

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Spent the entire day going through every single shoot I’ve had for my  portfolio. I haven’t shot portraits in ages, and now I’m having second thoughts about having my work checked tomorrow.

Also, after getting the layout sorted, my printer decides to make the colors all wonky. Hay, universe, are you not entertained yet?

Photo is probably the last concept shoot I’ve had. Or not. Still not entirely sure, because it’s been so long!
(It’s all gigs and musicians and shiz now.)
Loved my first @sofarmnl experience. Excited for the next one!
… makes perfect. 

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Favorite Things: Live Music

Last month, I’ve gone to more gigs than I probably ever had in 2013. That might be a stretch though, but it does feel a lot like it. I originally planned to make a lengthy post on why people should go to gigs more, but I figured why not make a post on the bands I really really enjoyed watching live instead?

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It’s been a great month, June. Will blog about gig nights soon. I’ve got a mini launch coming up and tumblr on my side of the universe is still wonky.

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Woohoo! Happy Friday the 13th friends and freaks!
Maligayang araw ng kalayaan, Pilipinas!

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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014: Favorite Collections

Going to fashion week has become a tradition of sorts for last couple of years. I love fashion. I may not always dress like it, but I’ve never loved it any less. The recently concluded fashion week may not be like the fashion weeks of seasons passed, but the intentions remain the same. Here are some of the collections I loved this season.


I always make it a point to not miss seeing Veejay’s collection on the runway. And Veejay never disappoints.


I love lines. And I love those details on his black pieces. If I had to pick favorites off his collection, it would be these three. I’m starting to have a thing for skirts and dresses and shirt dresses. Maybe I should rock one next season, no?


This might be one of the most memorable shows I’ve seen for the sheer amount of stress excitement I’ve gotten from it. I loved how the models were constantly changing their looks while walking on the runway. Sure, designers have models remove a piece of garment, or reverse a jacket on the runways before, but never to this extent, And certainly not for the entire collection. It was like a shot of cool espresso. Being the frugal and ever lazy dresser that I am, I love the idea of pulling off multiple looks from a single item of clothing.


This is the collection I wish I got to see in person. All those pretty pleats! Also in love with that black and white skirt.


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Favorite Things: Rampa Ready 2014

While most people are into the “I will lose weight/be fit/exercise more often” thing at the start of the year, there is no better time to begin than TODAY! I’ve been on again off again working out for the last few months, and I’ve always reminded myself that I can’t be the first one gone when the zombie apocalypse happens. Get up to do cardio like the the zombie outbreak will happen tomorrow.**

First things first, my fitspo fo lyfe. In case nobody knows this yet, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove love love loveEllie Goulding. And seeing instagram photos of her always makes me wish I was more active. And then maybe, just maybe, I’ll get abs like hers. Also, did any of you see this?

I’d probably be dead at the end of that clip if I ever tried that out. Maybe by landing wrong on the step, but you know, it could be my lungs giving out after a jump or two. I’m not kidding about how unfit I am. *weeps in shame*

Also, I figured photographers need the stamina of athletes, yes? Especially those who cover music festivals that last for about three 15-hour days. So, while I’m not yet there, might as well get ready, riiiight? Either way, this girl needs to work out more, to have one more pint of ice cream in her belly. I love ice cream so much, you don’t even know.

Here’s a rundown of my favorite fitness apps:

Noom Coach may be a bit hassle to fiddle with, having to make guess-timates from time to time with the food log. What it’s great for is keeping track of what you put in. So at least you (read: I ) know why I’m so terribly out of shape after having my fifth slice of cake and tenth scoop of ice cream. You can also download the pedometer that comes with it to track your steps. What’s great about it are the rewards and articles you get regularly.

If there was one app on my phone that I had to use everyday, it would be the Nike Training Club. It’s got 15 to 45 minute workouts and a program feature based on the kind of results you want. It also features workouts from athletes, celebrities, and celebrity trainers. I’m hoping there’s gonna be an Ellie workout soon.

On weekends, my family has this morning routine of visiting my grandfather’s grave before going for a jog at the memorial park. I use the Nike Running app to keep track of my pace when jogging. It feels great to see my progress too. Makes me feel a lot less like a sack of potatoes, and more like a kawaii potato.

These apps are all available free on google play. I’m thinking of getting the Zombies, Run! app too. Because sometimes running with background music isn’t as interesting. Also, wouldn’t this be great training for the Zombie Apocalypse?**

**I don’t really believe in the zombie apocalypse, but it’s just such fun bringing it up, no? Zombie movies are fun. Also Rule #1 in Zombieland is CARDIO. :)

Favorite things: Double exposure

In (delayed) celebration of getting yet another plastic lens last month, I’ve compiled some of my favorite multiple exposure images on the interwebs. 

Some of these were even shot using film and lomo cameras! I’ve always had a soft spot for film. My first SLR was a film camera. Now, I collect lomo cameras and love getting to shoot with them from time to time. I’m still trying to figure out my own signature in the images I create. Specifically with portraits. But it’s never too late to learn something new, so I’ll be going back to school in a few months! Yay!


1 - Dan Mountford | 2 - hodachrome | 3 - Sara Byrne | 4 - hodachrome | 5 - Miki Takahashi | 6 - Christoffer Relander | 7 - Mattias Tyllander